Personal Stories of Returning to School or Work

Updated:Oct 29,2013

Returning to the workplace is a goal for many stroke survivors and often a financial necessity. Read about survivors who've given it their all.

Candace Howerton's Story
Candace Howerton sold her first television script two days before she had a stroke in 1992. She was 49. Twelve years later she sees the stroke as a blessing, one that has given her a satisfying purpose in life.

Be Honest With Yourself — Tom Powderly's Story
Tom Powderly was working as an electronics technician in October 1990 when he had a stroke at age 28. He returned to work the next year without any physical deficits, but his short-term memory problems interfered, and he was fired.

Paying it Forward — Hal Lance's Story
Hal Lance had it all: a loving wife, three children and his own packaging company where he was president. Then he suffered a stroke while at a restaurant with a client, and a lot of things changed, like his job and his income. But the love and support of his family only increased and, in time, he found other work.

Jerry Doran's Story
Jerry Doran loves the catering business. He once managed his own company in Connecticut where he had 13 employees. But a severe brain stem stroke five years ago left Jerry unable to breathe without a respirator, eat or talk for several days.