Home Modifications for Stroke Survivors

Updated:Oct 13,2015

The goal of home modification is to achieve a better fit between the abilities of the people living in the home and the demands posed by the environment.

Following are several articles to guide in assessing and implementing modifications that may be helpful for your household.

A Kitchen Makeover: Making cooking simpler and safer
Preparing and cleaning up after meals and handling groceries can be challenging for stroke survivors. Many effective modifications don’t cost much and won’t cause too much disruption. Some require professionals with special expertise, but many can be implemented by non-professionals or “handypersons.”

Starting a Kitchen Remodel
Major improvements in independence are possible and a range of needs can be accommodated with a modified kitchen. For example, a dishwasher mounted on a pedestal base is easier to load and unload.  

The Bathroom: Modify the room to match your abilities 
For many survivors, a few bathroom modifications can significantly reduce the difficulty, effort or risk associated with personal care activities. In many cases, these changes require an investment of only a few hundred dollars and the skills of a handyperson. Although there are many modifications possible, at various levels of complexity, it is seldom necessary to do a major remodel.

The Bedroom: Modify the room to match your abilities
Learn how to work around the most common challenges of getting around with ease and safety in the bedroom.

Make Your Home Work for You: Moving around the house
A home’s features, fixtures and floor plans can pose challenges for stroke survivors. But moving around and accessing all or most areas of your home can be easier or less risky with some simple changes, and most of them are low- or no-cost

The Cost of Not Modifying
Home modifications are usually not considered a medical expense, which means they are usually not covered by health insurance either. So it’s no surprise that people often forgo home modifications and seek less expensive alternatives. But while this option costs less up front, other unforeseen costs may present themselves later on. That’s why it’s important to consider all the ways not modifying may cost you.

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