Cutting Prescription Drug Costs

Updated:Feb 7,2014

Excerpted from Stroke Connection March/April 2003 (Last science update March 2013)

The cost of prescription medicines can quickly add up, particularly if a stroke survivor needs more than one. Many stroke survivors take a combination of a high blood pressure drug, an anti-platelet and an anti-coagulant.

An Internet program called may offer some light in this dark financial tunnel. Founded in 1997 by a social worker and a physician, this program provides information about patient assistance programs (PAP) offered by pharmaceutical companies.

Some facts about Patient Assistance Programs:

  • Many companies have PAPs to help people reduce medication expenses
  • Some PAPs provide discounts on medication
  • Some provide medications free of charge to patients who can’t afford them and who meet certain criteria (each company has different rules, usually based on income and insurance) offers a database of more than 900 companies who provide these programs, and outlines their qualifications. Medications are organized on by company name and drug brand name. The program offers a copy of each company’s PAP application.

When you submit your application include:

  • Proof of income
  • The original prescription signed by your healthcare provider

Once you are qualified, most programs provide medications in three-month supplies.

NeedyMeds’ plans include expanding services to help patients deal not only with medication costs but medical supply needs as well.

Additional financial resources

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