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Updated:Sep 4,2014

Encouraging Messages

Staying Strong By Caregiver, Peggy Elkins

It's been 6 months from the stroke event. Everyday living must continue as close to what it was before the stroke. A balance of sleep, rest, exercise, dinner out, family and friends.  My husband would stay in his chair day in and day out if I let him. I refuse to have this beat us. I will be strong for both of us.

One Day at a Time By Sister of Stroke Survivor, Kelly Hollier

My brother over four months ago had a severe stroke on the right side of his brain. He is paralyzed on his left side but he is now learning to walk, with assistance and is making progress everyday. Just the smallest things he has been able to do now are huge. He has a very sharp memory from our childhood etc. but his rationality and short term thinking isn't completely there. It is so unfortunate that I live in AZ and he and his family live in Austin, TX. There's not a day that goes by that I don't call him and try to lift his spirits. I have visited him twice since his stroke and have been with him to therapy 's  and have learned how difficult it is to watch someone you love struggle. The one thing I would definitely give advice on is patience. One day at a time too.

People shouldn't talk to stroke victims like their children even though sometimes their mind and thinking is like a young child. You do everything and anything possible to make them feel comfortable and encourage them. Celebrate every step of their progress, even if it's small to others. I've told my brother that fear is a liar. When facing fear, it only shows you that you can overcome and conquer anything. Continue to encourage your loved ones who are going through the daily struggles of being a stroke victim. I tell him "You are a stroke SURVIVOR" and with determination and faith, things will only get better. We've had to pull him up on the bed using bed sheets and today, he can do it himself. Hard work, love and support from your family and friends can make a huge difference. Never, never give up is the saying we like to say. He has come a long way, but he has a long way to go I know one day, he won't have to be in a wheel chair or reminded to do simple things we all take for granted. Give them your unconditional love, patience and encouragement. That's so important. I love you Cary Brown. You can do this!

Live Your Dreams By Stroke Survivor, Yash Pethe

My love for art helped me recover completely. All the images of the visits to Niagara Falls and West Virginia were very live and vivid and my hands gradually got the strength and coordination to freeze those memories on canvas. Everyday I would get up with the sole aim to get stronger so that I could finish the incomplete canvas. I have completed many and I have many more to complete. My message to every stroke sufferer--don't give up and live your dream as dreams and passions are powerful medicines.

Keep a Positive Attitude By Stroke Survivor, Albert Heeney

Find ways to adapt and improvise to be able to move on with life. The one biggest thing I have found is surround yourself with positive people and you need to keep your attitude up. It's ok to have a down day now and then dust yourself off, pick yourself up and get out and live life!

Never Give Up By Alicia Cox, family/friend of stroke survivor 
Never give up. If you need help, ask for it; there is no shame in needing assistance, and it can help you improve quicker.  Get as much exercise as you're able to tolerate, working slowly to increase your goal points. Let others help you any way they can. Cooking healthy meals and helping you bathe, dress, and taking you places can be a great mood enhancer, and I think that's a good healing factor. Trust in yourself, your friends, and God.

Be Strong By Stroke Survivor, Melanie Hazen

Be strong for yourself and do the best you can everyday.

Staying Positive By Caregiver, Tracy Snuffer

My husband had a stroke 2 months ago. He is still in the beginning stages of recovery but things improve a little bit every day. Remember that, love, support and prayer goes a long way. Stay positive!

Always Believe By Stroke Survivor, Theresa Hamilton

Always BELIEVE and on those days when you don't feel like you can go on, Thank God because we survived another day! Put your best smile on, pick your head up and BELIEVE!

Love and Support By Stroke Survivor, Tony Siu

After my stroke and rehabilitation I learned a lot about myself and my family. One tip that I have for others is to gain strength from your family and friends. I don't know if I would have fought as hard as I did without my husband, newborn baby, and our families. Their love and support gave me the strength to relearn everything.

Stay Positive By Stroke Survivor, Stacey Riegel

My tip is just to remain positive. Surround yourself with motivational people, readings, cd's... I had a board that I was constantly putting little pictures up on that reminded me to stay strong and never to give up!

Stay Motivated By Stroke Survivor, Amy Britton

Find something that will keep you motivated. Reward yourself even for the little successes.

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