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Updated:Sep 12,2014

Rehabilitation and Recovery

Exercise Tips By Stroke Survivor, Augustus Morgan

I've been using the YMCA to begin walking laps.

Consistent Exercise Routine By Greg Forde

Be consistent in doing home exercises as I found out, there is a cap on therapy and if you practice a good exercise program at home then when therapy ends you will be ahead of the game and won't regress. Consistent in your exercises on a daily basis. I do take Sundays off to rest my body, that is important . Small steps gain big returns!

Stroke Support Groups By Occupational Therapist, Keri Kinniburgh

Get involved in community support group. Bring a family member or a friend. By sharing your story, you can help others including yourself.

Take Time for You By Stroke Survivor, Gina Morrison

Take time for you to rest and relax. It's important for both survivors and caregivers to take the time to take care of ourselves. Relax by reading, taking a walk and meditating.

Challenge Yourself By Stroke Survivor, Aisha Omaghomi

I am a stroke survivor and I have found out that I consciously try to pick things up with my weak affected hand, so as not to concentrate more on using the non-affected hand always. Though it slows me down and is frustrating, I insist on using it.

Keep Moving By Stroke Survivor, Annette Hawkins

My stroke tip is to keep moving. Any exercise helps. I took a free Matter of Balance class thru Lifespan and it helped me get back into exercise.

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