Tips for Getting More Therapy

Updated:Mar 6,2015
Maximizing Insurance Benefits for Physical Therapy
The first rule of thumb in maximizing insurance benefits is to make sure the patient gets the best therapy possible. Insurance policies often limit the first course of physical therapy treatment and then approve additional therapy only if the patient continues to show improvement. Author PamelaStroke Survivor Playing Wii Armstrong discusses how to get the most from you insurance plan. She provides suggestions as a guide to maximize your benefits.

Playing Around With Recovery
In this issue we investigate some common games that therapists often use to help survivors recover speech and coordination. The good thing about therapy that uses games is that it doesn’t feel like work.

Continuing Physical Therapy at Home
Often stroke survivors feel their therapy ends long before they're ready. With that in mind, we asked physical therapist Craig Moore to suggest some thing that survivors could use at home to further their recovery.

Getting More For Less
An article about survivors participating in research studies as a way of getting extra therapy. It also includes a sidebar by survivor Chuck Hofvander of Prospect Heights, Illinois detailing his experience as a “guinea pig” in a research study of the Lokomat at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

Aphasia Therapy When Insurance Stops
Recovery from aphasia is a process that may continue for many years. Unfortunately, most people with aphasia find that their insurance coverage runs out before they are ready to leave therapy.

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