Tips for Maintaining a Positive Outlook & Well-being

Updated:Nov 23,2016

Recovering from stroke or caring for a loved one after a stroke can be mentally and emotionally draining and may even lead to serious depression. Here are helpful ideas and methods for strengthening yourself on the inside.

A Holistic Approach to Rehab
Stroke survivor and nurse Connie Adleman of Seneca Falls,N.Y., knew and used all the standard rehab treatments, but she wanted more recovery than they were providing her. She enhanced her recovery by using affirmations, meditation, self-love and creative visualization. Her article is full of practical how-to’s that any survivor can use.

Donna Isaac's Eight Simple Rules

The Secrets of Successful Stroke Survival
A roundtable of thriving survivors tells all, featuring David Layton of Greensboro, N.C.; Kate Adamson of Redondo Beach, Calif.; Art Gottlieb of Long Beach, Calif.; Wendy Covill of Guildhall, N.H.; Sherry May of Newton, Iowa; John Kawie of New York; and Norm Weissman of University Heights, Ohio.

20 Things My Stroke Taught Me
"If I'm alive enough to complain, I have nothing to complain about," says Survivor Susan Bernard. Susan lists the 20 most important things she learned after surviving a stroke.

Negotiating Hope and Acceptance
This article examines the psychology of hope and acceptance and the impact it has on family relationships. Our expert is Barry J. Jacobs, PsyD, a well-known expert and the director of behavioral sciences for the Crozer-Keystone Family Medicine Residency Program in Springfield, Pa. 

Life Is Tough, People Are Tougher

Dr. Peter Ubel, professor of medicine and psychology at the University of Michigan, is the author of You’re Stronger than You Think, an investigation into emotional resilience. His thesis, as the book title suggests, is that human beings have actually evolved biological and psychological mechanisms to survive difficult situations, including life-changing diseases such as stroke.

Boosting Self-Esteem After Stroke 
Stroke can affect self-esteem the same way fire ants can impact a picnic: disastrously. We talked with two experts about emotional recovery and social reintegration after stroke. They provide valuable insights into the devastating impact stroke may have on the self-esteem of survivors, and how that affects social reintegration, and the crucial role that plays in recovery.

Sit Still, Do Nothing
Stroke Connection writer/editor and meditation instructor Jon Caswell discusses the benefits of daily meditation.

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