SCM Spring 2014

Updated:Mar 4,2015
Stroke Connection Spring 2014. A Survivor In The Senate. 

In this issue

A Survivor in the Senate
Sen. Mark Kirk, the junior Senator from Illinois, had a stroke in January 2012. He still has left-side weakness, but it has not stopped him from becoming an advocate for stroke families.

Uncommon Causes
There may only be two kinds of strokes, but they have many, many causes. We talked with a leading expert about some of the rare ones, including AVM (arteriovenous malformation), carotid dissection and cavernous angioma. Don't miss the online companion for this article describing many of the rarest causes of stroke and be sure to check out our update on FMD (fibromuscular dysplasia).

Uncommon Survivors
We caught up with a few of the survivors we've covered over the years who have experienced some of the uncommon causes discussed in the article above. Find updates on several more uncommon survivors with links to their full stories in this online companion piece.

A Defining Day
Kara Kellerman of Pinckneyville, Ill., was 10 years old when hr mother had a stroke. Little did the young daughter know that that event would set the course for her adult life.


Stroke Notes

Stroke-related news you can use about new scientific findings, public policy, programs and resources. In this issue: Virtual reality hands help survivors; Stroke deaths decline; A new alternative to warfarin
Readers Room

Articles, poems and art submitted by stroke survivors and their loved ones. In this issue: Survivor J Williamson Moses sees stroke recovery as a move to the major leagues and Ronald Stephenson, Jr. shares the story of his father's stroke and the song he's written as a tribute. Hear the song on YouTube.
Everday Survival

Practical tips and advice for day-to day living after stroke. In this issue: Meet our new Tips & Tricks columnist, survivor Rosanna Radding and read her inaugural column for some great hygiene tips.
Life At The Curb

Comedian and stroke survivor John Kawie's unique perspectives on stroke survival.

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