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In this issue

Coming Home Coming Home
Whether we've had good parents or bad, returning to live with our parents is something we avoid at all costs. But a stroke can change that. We talked with parent-caregivers and a neuropsychologist about this complicated situation.

Managing RiskManaging Risk
Having a stroke or TIA increases the chances of another stroke by3 percent after one month, up to 16 percent after five years. That is why the American Stroke Association updated their clinical guidelines on reducing risk of recurrent strokes.

When You Can't "Just Do It"When You Can't "Just Do It"
Do you find it difficult t realize your own best intentions, much less the latest health recommendations? What is necessary is motivation - the will to overcome the inertia of habit. Caregivers can play a big role.

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Stroke Notes (opens in new window)

Stroke-related news you can use about new scientific findings, public policy, programs and resources. In this issue: Stroke recovery should include a prescription for exercise; Consistent blood pressure control may half the rate of second stroke

Readers Room (opens in new window)

Articles, poems and art submitted by stroke survivors and their loved ones. In this issue: Caregiver Doris Thurston reflects on the time her father first connected with another stroke survivor with aphasia; Survivor Dorcas A. Sutton shares her original poem entitled, Who Am I?

Everyday Survival (opens in new window)

Practical tips and advice for day-to day living after stroke. In this issue: Tips & Tricks columnist, survivor Rosanna Radding teaches us how to fold laundry with one hand, and caregiver Lori Ramos Cavallo continues with part two of her three-part series on managing expectations with the help of journaling.

Life At The Curb (opens in new window)

Comedian and stroke survivor John Kawie's unique perspectives on stroke survival.

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